How to fix your acne breakout during the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker?

PM Lee Announces Circuit Breaker
Prime Minister of Singapore in his signature pink shirt- Photo Credits: PMO Office

On 7th April, the Prime Minister of Singapore – Mr Lee Hsien Loong announced that Singapore was going into a “circuit breaker” for 4 weeks.

This is unprecedented as back in 2003, when SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was infecting many people, Singapore did not “circuit break” the whole country, at most, schools were closed for a week.

Covid-19 has indeed brought a lot of inconvenience for everybody as all non-essential businesses have to be closed. This means, beauty salons, hair salons (recently), anything that is not urgent and imperative will have to be closed.

Our Prime Minister recently, 2 weeks into the circuit breaker announced again that our circuit breaker will be extended again till the 1st June 2020. Measures will be stricter, however we all understand that this is essential to bring down the infection to a less alarming and concerning rate.

As mask wearing is compulsory when we leave home to run essential errands – supermarket runs, many customers have been giving us feedback that their skin is going through an outbreak due to the mask wearing.

Constant mask wearing traps heat and humidity that irritates the skin, it breaks down the skin structure, causes skin irritation, swelling and this starts to cause the skin to outbreak. Most common problems will be acne outbreak, uneven skin tone.

Acne Prone skins

When we exhale while wearing a mask, sweat and microbes (bacteria waste that is exhaled) will sit on the skin. This will cause the skin to breakout – especially for those who are prone to acne.

Doing a mini peel at home will be helpful in normalising the disturbed skin follicles, preventing the formation of comedons, inflamed papules and pustules.

The Acne care set consists of 3 key acne fighting products:

  1. Purification Peeling 10 ml

A home peel that is designed to help acne prone and oily skin.

It combines the action of Salicylic Acid and Azelaic Acid to regulate acne and oiliness with Retinoid. It has pH level of ~3.0.

Key ingredients:

Retinoid 1%- Spots and imperfections on the skin are reduced, giving a uniform colour tone and shine. Reduces pore size and leads to total skin clarity.

Azelaic Acid 6%- Clinically proven effectiveness against acne.

It has pharmacological properties that make it the ideal for acne treatment. Azelaic acid interferes with the most important factors involved in the pathogenesis of acne and exerts the following actions:

Α. Comedolytic: It normalizes the disturbed follicular keratinization which leads to the formation of comedones, inflamed papules and pustules.

Β. Antibacterial: It reduces the endofollicular density of Propionibacterium acnes within 8 weeks.

C. Anti-inflammatory: It reduces the free fatty acids on the epidermis. This anti-inflammatory action is the base for the influence on inflammatory acne.

Azelaic acid helps even skin color tone, back to normal, in cases of persistent spots usually resulting from acne.

Salicylic Acid 1.5%- It is extremely effective in treating oily skin with dilated pores, comedogenic and inflammatory acne. Other clinical studies support its use in photoaging treatment, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and epidermal melasma. Because salicylic acid does not cause cell destruction or inflammation, it may also be safely applied on sensitive skin phototypes.

2. Hydra Clarifying Serum 20ml

Combines the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid with the carnation extract to regulate oiliness. The LMW hyaluronic acid it contains moisturizes and balances skin oiliness. Red Clover Extract assists regulating the skin’s oiliness and reduces the size of its dilated pores. It moisturizes, tones and balances the oiliness.

Key Ingredients

Red Clover Extract 1% (Miniporyl)

Extracted from the red clover flower, it refines skin texture and reduces pore dilation

LMW Hyaluronic Acid

It offers instant hydration, UV protection and regulation of excess oiliness


It is a semi-essential amino acid that improves blood circulation and accelerates the rate of the healing of wounds

3. Clarifying Active Mask 50ml

Combination of clay with a derivative of salicylic acid, panthenol, aloe and chamomile. It relieves the skin from inflammation and irritation.

Canadian Willowherb inhibits the action of Propionibacterium Acnes bacterium, responsible for acne, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Normaseb reduces sebum secretion of oily skin and increases it for dry skin, restoring the hydrolipid film. The manuka oil offers anti-aging, antimicrobial action and regulates acne conditions.

Soothing, cleansing mask for ance-prone, oily and irritated skin

  • Relives the skin from inflammation and intense irritation
  • Reduces sebum hypersecretion, balances oiliness and tightens the pores
  • It offers anti-aging and antimicrobial action and regulates ance conditions
Key Ingredients


It offers soothing and anti-inflammatory action

Methyl Salicylate

An ester of salicylic acid that offers anti-inflammatory action and relieves pain

Manuka Oil

Oil from manuka tress with anitfungal and anti-microbial actions

Canadian Willowherb Extract

Herbal extract from a bush with anti-acne, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant action

Let the results do the talking:

How to use?

1. Cleanse skin throughly with Clarifying Cleanser Gel

2. Apply 1 pump of Purification Peeling all over the face, focusing on areas with acne outbreak.

3. Leave on for 5 mins. Do not wash off the peel.

4. Apply Hydra Clarifying Serum (1 pump) all over the face. Again, focusing more on areas that has acne outbreak. Tap on the skin, do not rub it on the skin to avoid unnecessary abrasion to the skin.

5. Apply a thick layer of Clarifying Mask onto the skin. Leave on for 20 mins. Once dried up, wet the face with water first and gently remove the mask.

6. Once face is clean, apply a pump of Hydra Clarifying serum again (1 pump) .

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