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Best Skincare Products At Juliette Armand Singapore

Skincare Products – Our skin is the biggest organ in our body. Our body is our temple, hence it is important to take care of it on the inside and outside. Everyone has a different type of skin and needs different products and methods to care and treat it. There are a few general ways to describe skin; oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin.

In the market, there are a lot of skincare products designed to cater for the different skin types and it is crucial that you pick the right ones for your skin because although not all of us have sensitive skin, our skin still has some degree of reaction towards products that aren’t suitable for it. 

Why do We Need Skincare Products?

 It is important to note that even if our skin is “perfect” using skincare products are still crucial and here’s why. 

Helps Your Skin Maintain a Good Condition 

First of all, doing your skincare on a daily basis will help you maintain your skin’s good condition. The skin sheds skin cells daily which is why it’s important to use skincare that will protect your skin and help it throughout this process.

A good skincare routine will be able to help you fight acne, wrinkles and allow it to look its best everyday. For instance, skincare products such as sunscreen can help prevent premature aging. 

To Give Your Skin a Youthful Glow

As you age, the skin cells turn over at a slower rate and you will notice a dull and less radiant appearance. A good skincare routine, done right will eliminate dead cells from our skin allowing it to produce new cells to replace them.

This will help give you a youthful glow, even at an older age. Trust us that with the right skincare and routine you would get you mistaken as someone in their 30s when you’re already pushing 50. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure

We’ve heard this sentence before and it’s only so common because it rings with truth. Preventing skin problems now is much easier and less expensive compared to fixing and spending a lot for your skin in the future. Sticking to a good and effective skincare routine from a young age will only prove beneficial in the long run. 

Boosts Your Self Confidence

Looking good on the outside will lead to feeling good about yourself on the inside. Skincare is one of the key things that will definitely help you look good on the outside and feel better on the inside. Thus, giving you a confidence boost. 

Juliette Armand Skincare Products

At Juliette Armand there are several product categories for skincare. These categories are Masks, Cleansers, Serums, Sun Protection, Creams, Eyecare, Exfoliators, and a few others. Here is a list of must trys from some of these categories. 

Masks – Skincare Products

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Caviar Ω3-Ω6 Mask

This mask was made specifically for aging skin to give you a more youthful glow with its strong anti-ageing capabilities. It contains Salmo Ovum caviar, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that blend to form an anti-ageing remedy for wrinkles and fine lines.

The Caviar Ω3-Ω6 Mask will instantly transform your skin for firmer skin, and a youthful look for lasting confidence. 

Click here for more information on this product. 

Chlorophyll Firming Mask

At Juliette Armand all products are formulated to be toxin free, fragrance free, and without animal testing while using natural ingredients. This mask will refresh, unclog the pores, reduce excess oil production, improve microcirculation and strengthen its texture through its many powerful active ingredients.

With Calendula and vitamin A combined, this mask will stimulate the regeneration process of cells and revitalise the skin, effectively reducing signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.

To purchase this product and for more information click here.  

Facial Cleansers

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Clarifying Cleanser Gel

If you have acne prone skin and acne scars, this cleanser is the solution you’re looking for. The Clarifying Cleanser Gel by Juliette Armand is a gel that mixes plant oils, and olive oil with specially formulated Canadian Willowherb that impedes the action of the Propionibacterium Acnes bacterium which is responsible for acne.

This cleanser is also equipped with anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains Azelaic Acid-Glycine Complex and Sebustop which regulate seborrhea, treat overproduction of sebum, cleanses off excess oil from the skin and improves the skin from acne damages.

For more information on the Clarifying Cleanser Gel, click here.

Cleansing Tonic Lotion

This tonic lotion removes impurities and excess oil from the skin. Without causing any dryness or irritation it revitalises the skin. The Cleansing Tonic Lotion has ingredients such as lime, chamomile and vitamin F extracts which all work hand in hand to help rejuvenate, moisturise and reduce the appearance of pores. 

To purchase this Cleansing Tonic Lotion click here

Aloe Vera Serum 

We’ve all heard about the amazing impact that Aloe Vera has on our skin. It contains vitamins C and E, enzymes, amino acids and over 200 other beneficial ingredients that your skin will love.This serum moisturises and provides relief to the skin from any irritation and inflammation. The powerful ingredients in this serum reconstructs the skin cells and aids in the healing process of skin injuries such as scratches, scars, and pimple marks. This product is recommended for sensitive and irritated skin.

For more information on this Aloe Vera Serum, click here.

Chronos Hydra Correct Cream

This product is an award winning age regulating cream that will surprise you with how fast it works to reduce wrinkles and erasing signs of aging. It has the ability to boost the skin’s collagen production, creating a visibly firmer, more radiant skin. The Chronos Hydra Correct Cream is enhanced with Cosmetic Drones technology, it offers an advanced and targeted delivery system of peptides to the skin while effectively decreasing wrinkles by 70%. The technology within this cream has proven to restore cellular damage as well. 

For more information on this award winning cream, click here

Sun Protection – Skincare Products

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Sunfilm Face Bliss SPF50

Need a high protection sunblock for those days at the beach or at the pool? This water resistant sunblock from Juliette Armand is the perfect companion when you’re outside or getting any of that sun exposure. It offers high protection from UVA and UVB rays, as well as infrared radiation. The Sunfilm Face Bliss is enriched with calming and special antioxidants to relieve your beautiful skin from irritation. Get it today to protect your skin from oxidative stress and photoaging! 

For more information on the Sunfilm Face Bliss SPF50, click here.

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Sunfilm Face Gel SPF30 

We cannot stress how much sunscreen is important as part of our daytime routine. Our skin needs sunscreen to protect it from the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer, early ageing, pigmentation, among other harmful effects. This sunscreen is oil free and light tinted, and made for all skin types. It’s gel and lightweight texture is highly desired so that it would not feel heavy on the skin. Sunfilm Face Gel offers our skin broad spectrum sun protection from UVA and UVB rays, and infrared radiation. Those with oily skin often find it difficult to look for sunscreen but look no further because this sunscreen has no oil so it wouldn’t make you look like melting butter on a sunny day. 

Click here to purchase Juliette Armand’s Sunfilm Face Gel. 

Eye Care 

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Caviar Ω3-Ω6 Eye Cream

The under eyes are a delicate area on our face and it needs separate and special attention. Juliette Armand’s Caviar Ω3-Ω6 Eye Cream is a black and red caviar eye cream that is rich with amazing ingredients such as Ω3, Ω6 fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and trace elements. It’s fine texture absorbs into the skin easily without causing any forms irritation while accelerating the natural collagen production process returning your youthful days to your gleaming eyes. The ingredients such as Vitamin E, F, Lecithin, and Caffeine helps to strengthen the skin barrier, reduce transdermal water loss, smooth out wrinkles and reduce puffiness and brightens dark circles. 

Visit here for more information and make your purchase of the Caviar Ω3-Ω6 Eye Cream. 

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Eye Shine Serum 

The highlight of this eye serum by Juliette Armand is that it works effectively to reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines, and wrinkles through its blend of powerful ingredients. Visibly see the healthy glow around your eyes in a few weeks! Furthermore, the serum is enhanced with a specialised powerful antioxidant ingredient, Venecuane. This ingredient obstructs the damage of free radicals and protects the skin from damage caused by UVA rays.

For more information on the Eye Shine Serum, click here.

Juliette Armand has a variety of products that would be a great addition to your skincare routine. If you’d like to give our products a try, we have kits and bundles that would be great for the first try. On the other hand, we also have an LED Therapy Face Shield that targets multiple skin concerns as well as serums that would work great for acne, ageing, and other skin concerns. 

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