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Juliette Armand: Best Face Serum In Singapore

There is an abundance of face serums out there all made to cater for different skin conditions. Your choice of serums may be different from another person because you have a different skin type and skin conditions. Among the skin conditions that serums are able to target are acne, acne scars, pigmentation, dry, blackheads, wrinkles, whiteheads, and sebum control. 

It is important to select the right serum for your skin condition to be able to fight the root cause of the problem. At Juliette Armand, we offer an abundance of serums that will help make your skincare journey better! With award winning serums and natural ingredients, we strive to give you the best. 

Juliette Armand’s Face Serums

Chronos Hydra Correct Cream 

The Chronos Hydra Correct Cream is an award winning age regulating cream that works fast and efficiently to reduce wrinkles and eliminate signs of aging. With this cream, the results speak for themselves. It boosts the skin’s collagen production, creating a visibly youthful and more radiant skin. This winning cream is enhanced with Cosmetic Drones technology that offers an advanced and targeted delivery system of peptides to the skin to effectively decrease wrinkles by a huge margin. The technology and ingredients combined within this cream are successful at restoring cellular damage as well. 

This award winning serum retails for $180.00 at Juliette Armand

Aloe Vera Serum 

Aloe Vera often comes with the mention of its moisturising and relieving effects. That’s exactly what this serum does! It moisturises and relieves the skin from irritations and inflammations with its amazing ingredients including the star ingredient; Aloe Vera extract. It is highly concentrated with green aloe extract that calms the skin with properties rich in vitamins C and E, enzymes, amino acids and over 200 other beneficial substances that will work wonders on your skin. Besides that, this serum reconstructs skin cells to heal the skin of injuries such as pigmentation and acne scars. We highly recommend it for those with sensitive skin that often endures irritation.

The Aloe Vera Serum retails for $80.00 for 20ml, and $168.00 for 55ml. Click here to purchase from Juliette Armand. 

Bioplacenta Serum

This Juliette Armand serum gives your skin an improved appearance and vitality by keeping it moisturised and enhancing its natural renewal and consistency function. This serum contains Bioplacenta that is derived from bacterial fermentation, with five different growth factors (EGF, IGF-1, acidic FGF, basic FGF and VEGF), amino acids and vitamin B9. Similar to the human placenta, the Bioplacenta is a powerful ingredient that is able to stimulate cell growth and synthesis of fibroblast collagen while it helps to heal wounds and provide anti-ageing effects through the improvement of the skin’s elasticity. Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, moisturising and rejuvenating properties, you name it, this serum has it. This product is recommended to be used after chemical exfoliation to provide you with the skin renewal experience you’re looking for.

Get that glow on with the Bioplacenta Serum that retails for $148.00 for 20ml, and $238.00 for 55ml at Juliette Armand


Eye Shine Serum

Juliette Armand’s Eye Shine Serum is rich with super ingredients such as the Matrixyl peptide. It activates your skin’s collagen production while the infamous hyaluronic acid ingredient smoothes fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. The skin around the eyes needs special attention from eye serums like the Eye Shine Serum because of how thin and sensitive it is making it age faster and more prone to skin problems such as dryness. This serum also contains eyedeline, an ingredient that allows regeneration and decongestion of the skin while reducing common problems such as puffiness, dark circles and signs of ageing. This eye serum is enhanced with Venecuane, which inhibits the action of free radicals and protects the skin from UVA ray damage. Juliette Armand’s Eye Shine Serum will leave your skin around the eyes firm and with a healthy, youthful glow by supplying it with needed hydration and anti-ageing effects.

Wave those dull eyes away with this Eye Shine Serum that retails for $79 for 20ml $155.00 for 50ml at Juliette Armand.


Glow C 12%

Who doesn’t love Vitamin C? We know we do! The Glow C 12% consists of pure vitamin C combined with Peonia Extract and Phytic Acid. Vitamin C is known for its many benefits for our skin whether applied topically or consumed as a supplement. It performs a wide range of beneficial actions with its antioxidant, moisturising, firming, regenerative and bleaching properties. Peonia Extract and Phytic Acid reduces blotches, spots and discoloration to inhibit the formation of melanin on our skin. Thus if you have pigmentation caused by sun damage or stubborn acne scars, this serum might be the one solution your skin has been begging for. The Vitamin C content is in powder form that is visible in the bottle. Hence, before use shake the bottle well to ensure that it is fully dissolved to ensure that you get all the benefits of this loved ingredient in every application. 

The Glow C 12% Serum retails for $88.00 at Juliette Armand


Flash Lifting Serum

The Flash Lifting Serum contains the tensea lift ingredient, derived from a marine polymer that tightens the skin in a flash! Prepare to see it in action as you see and feel it within 5 minutes of application with results you can enjoy for up to 12 hours. Feel your skin lift and firm up as this face lift in a bottle delightfully provides you with results without needing to walk into an Aesthetician’s office. Juliette Armand’s Flash Lifting Serum will do just the trick. Look as youthful as your spirit with us! 

The Flash Lifting Serum is available in 2 sizes where it retails for $168.00 for 20ml and $238.00 for 55ml at Juliette Armand


Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This 5 star rated serum is suitable for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid has grown in fame for the past few years and for good reason. So many products on the store shelves have begun to highlight it as their star ingredient. Juliette Armand’s Hyaluronic Acid serum contains a medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid that forms a moisturising film on the skin that reduces transdermal water loss. Simultaneously, it contributes to the structural integrity of the extracellular matrix of the skin which assists in forming a strong support for the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers. With consistent use, you will be able to see improvements in the texture, firmness, and moisture levels of the skin. 

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum retails for $99.00 for 20ml and $198.00 for 55ml at Juliette Armand.


Thavma Hydra Lifting Cream

The Thavma Hydra Lifting Cream is a Gold Winner for Best Facial Innovation Skincare in Aesthetic & Spa Award 2020. It is a moisturising cream that gives you anti-ageing effects by tightening the skin and treating fine lines. Experience an immediate glow on your skin after every application of this cream. It prevents muscle contractions through its EFFECTOX™ technology. This technology is a cocktail of peptides and new generation active ingredients that will illuminate the skin with a glow of youth. Also in this cream are cosmetic drones that offer 20% reduction in expression lines from smiling, scrunching your face and other expressions. The peptide Argireline Solution is present in this award-winning moisture cream which equips it with visibly long-lasting results. 

The Thavma Hydra Lifting Cream retails for $150.00 for 50ml on Juliette Armand

With products that can cater to all skin types, Juliette Armand creates skincare that is cruelty-free, toxin-free, fragrance-free, all while including the best natural ingredients for your skin’s health and glow. They have all you can ask for, especially for those with sensitive skin and struggle to find the right products to cater to their skin concerns. Take your pick at their best Facial Serums that will target and solve your skin problems, from the award-winning brand- Juliette Armand

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