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Stretch Marks During & After Pregnancy: What creams to use?

Stretch marks, which are indentation lines in the skin that emerge on your belly, breasts, and behind during pregnancy are regarded by some to be a symbol of motherhood. Your skin stretches to accommodate the life that is growing inside of you, which causes those unwanted marks to appear.

pregnancy stretch marks

Stretch marks affect at least half of pregnant women, but no one can predict who will get them and who will not. There are, however, several circumstances that might raise your risk of developing stretch marks.

Heredity is one of the most common causes of stretch marks. If your mother or sibling developed stretch marks during pregnancy, you are more likely to get them as well.

Furthermore, the more your skin expands during pregnancy and the faster it does so, stretch marks have a higher chance of developing. Some other reasons for stretch marks include: 

  • Gaining weight at a rapid pace, 
  • Carrying more than one baby,
  • Carrying a big baby,
  • Having an excess amount of amniotic fluid.

What Can You Do To Get Rid of Stretch Marks? 

Stretch marks can be quite bothersome for many of us. Even Kim Kardashian calls them her worst nightmare! So how can you get rid of it?

There are two options that many mainly opt for and they are laser therapy, and topical medications. Laser treatment may aid in the restoration of skin elasticity as well as the alteration of pigmentation to make stretch marks blend in with the rest of your skin.

These bothersome marks are treated using lasers that emit infrared and visible red light, and will take multiple sessions to fully eliminate their appearance.

how to get rid of stretch marks

There are many topical creams available to help aid in bidding stretch marks goodbye. However, the choice isn’t quite as simple. The shelves might be filled with choices but how sure are we that they actually work? With that, we’re making the choice simple for you by introducing you to Juliette Armand’s Stretch Firm Cream. 

In order for skin to stretch, the skin on the epidermis (top layer of the skin) rapidly expands, tearing the dermis (lower layer of the skin). As the skin swells and rips, the regular generation of collagen is disrupted, resulting in an increase in elasticity. Pregnancy, puberty, hormones eaten during bodybuilding, or hormone replacement treatment might potentially lead to skin that is more prone to ripping.

As cortisol levels rise, fibroblasts, which are responsible for creating collagen and elastin, become less active, making the skin seem wrinkled and saggy. As the skin fibers break and microscopic rips emerge, the underlying blood vessels and damaged capillaries become visible on the surface. As collagen and elastin are lacking in the dermis, the skin stretches and tears.

Stretch Mark Cream

With customers in more than 28 countries, Juliette Armand ensures that each and every product they deliver are dermatologically tested and approved by professionals. They carefully take essential steps, prioritising safe skincare, to understand the skin beyond the typical labels, creating products that speak to all no matter the differences. 

Their Stretch Firm Cream is a body firming cream created to target stretch marks and loose skin. It improves the skin’s suppleness and decreases the appearance of stretch marks with a blend of cult favourite ingredients. 

It mixes chamomile oil with Isoslim Mixture which is a complex of isoflavones, caffeine, carnitine, amino acids, and carbs. These ingredients help to fight cellulite, build up connective tissues, and tighten the skin at a fast rate.

Aquaderm, a natural moisturising factor (NMF), is added into the formula as it contains vital amino acids and vitamins that assists in minimising moisture loss inside the skin, promote hydration on its surface, and control the hydrolipidic balance, while improving your skin’s suppleness. 

On top of that, the Algisium C ingredient in this cream triggers the production of collagen by activating the hydrolysis of triglycerides, hence providing anti ageing properties as well.

Hydroxyprolisilane, which stimulates fibroblasts and regenerates skin tissues, is also present in the Stretch Firm Cream. This ingredient aids in wrinkle reduction, wound healing and eliminating stretch marks. 

Get your hands on this effective cream now to begin your battle against stretch marks at Juliette Armand where it retails for $158.00. Get 10% off your first purchase too, by subscribing to their newsletter!