Glow Peeling

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Glow Peeling removes the skin’s dead cells to achieve uniformity and an even skin tone. A chemical exfoliating cocktail using 5 different acids, specially designed for skins with over pigmentation problems, discolouration, spots and freckles. Both topical use on the spots and overall use for the face and hands are recommended. It has a pH of ~3.5.


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Chemical exfoliation designed for skin discoloration protocols

  • Removes skin’s dead cells to achieve uniformity and an even skintone
  • Targets skin with pigmentation problems, discoloration, spots and freckles

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Exfoliate, cleanse & silky


A chemical exfoliating cocktail using 5 different acids , specially designed for skins with pigmentation problems, spots and freckles

Key Ingredients

Mandelic Acid 5%- It hydrates the skin, enhances cellular remodelling and reduces skin discolouration. Its antimicrobial action makes mandelic acid ideal for fighting acne.

Phytic Acid 2% – Stabilized solution of phytic acid, the natural whitening and antioxidant agent

Gallic Acid 1% – Skin brightening and color correction ingredient. It prevents UV-induced DNA damages and blocks melanin synthesis even under UV conditions. Effective on redness reduction, skin lightening, skin tone uniformization, reduction of pigmented spots, correction of melasma, correction of pigmentation disorders and inflammation. Also acts as a pore minimizer.

Lactic Acid 14.6% – Improves skin elasticity and provides hydration and firming. It has strong anti-aging action, it fights spots and discolourations and helps to reduce the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms in the skin.

Mandelic Acid 5%, Phytic Acid 1%, Ascorbic Acid 2% (3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid), Gallic Acid 0.025%, Lactic Acid 14.6%.